Old F-16 Pictures

September 11th 1998 - my first F-16 backseat ride (ET-199, LET).

May 28th 1999 - another backseat ride (ET-022, MON).

Overhead the North Sea enroute to a range in England (ET-022. MON).

Danish F-16 inverted.

E-180 "Holger Danske".

Closeup of E-180's tail.

The leader of the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) "JØS" is giving me a present to mark not only my last operational conversion ride, but also the last F16 "Classic" operational conversion ride in the OCU.

The instructors also made a poster showing my life - with funny remarks (and almost naked women - off course).

STI (me) in front of the F-16 (E-183) with the presents.

Starting up for an Offensive Counter Air (OCA) mission.

Taking-off from RWY 29R (the main) at Skrydstrup AB.

The most northern point of Denmark; Skagen. This is after the attack.

Rejoining north of the town of Haderslev.

Close formation from IP to break. Lead aircraft E-599 is flown by "MON".

Lead in the "break".

Downwind 29R at Skrydstrup AB.

Final approach 29R at Skrydstrup AB.

Back in the squadron area.

A day on the range. This time in the backseat of "AMI".
Initial run over the range in flown in order to locate the bomb circle and the strafe targets.

Rolling in at app. 3,000 feet in order to deliver a low-drag bomb - now the bomb circle is not that easy to acquire.

After the bomb is released the pilot performs a level turning safe escape maneuver in order to avoid frags from the bombs. The turn is at least a 5G turn and the picture was NOT easy to shoot. Notice the air is being compressed over the wing!

RDAF flies the largest Fighter Formation in the world consisting of 16 aircraft. This picture is taken as two elements of 4 aircraft has joined and the third is joining.

When the formation is joined there are aircraft all over the place. There is NO room for break outs and therefore maneuvering is very limited in the close formation.

16 F16 Fighter aircraft airborne with an extra F16 chasing the formation in order to shoot pictures. In addition there are 2 airborne spare-aircraft and 2 spares on the ground. In total that accounts for one third of the entire fleet on a Sunday afternoon. 
Imagine this: If the United States Air Force was to put up the same ration more than 1,000 F16s would have to be involved! 

On July 4th 2002 I flew my final ride in the F16 Classic. The sortie was flown as a 2-ship offensive counter air sortie on the wing of the 727th Squadron Commander Major "JØS". Sadly the mission was cut short due to very bad weather enroute

After having shut-down the Classic one final time it was time for a beer!

The Crewchief, Jens Peter and I in front of E-091. This aircraft would soon after be taken out of service to go thru the extensive MLU-update and I would be "hitting" new books.

BAS first solo in the F16. He is flying the 730 Squadron 40th years anniversary specially painted F16 on the wing of SOL and I.

These pictures are from a 2v2 against Canadian F18 Hornets.

Merging with one of the F18s. I was in the backseat of "MON" and pulling app. 7 Gs when the pictures was taken.

F18 joining in order to be let back home to Skrydstrup.

In formation ready to go IMC on the wing.

VFR below the clouds.